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We meet weekly on Wednesdays to explore Bologna by foot. For last week’s UNIVERSO in Gita, on 13th November 2019,  we visited the Collection of Anatomical WAXES “Luigi Cattaneo”. This exhibition is part of of Sistema Museale di Ateneo (SMA) by the University of Bologna.



At 10:30 we meet in front of the Porta Galliera office and walk together as a group to our destination. The exhibition is located at the Deptartment of Human Anatomical Sciences and Physiopathology.




The Collection of Anatomical Waxes “Luigi Cattaneo” is housed in a free and open space that, in addition to preserving, exhibiting and treating what was inherited from the past, wants to produce new scientific knowledge. The collection of normal and pathological human anatomy illustrates the path taken by the scholars of medical sciences in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries when, having acquired knowledge of the true nature of the human body, they turned to the investigation of its pathologies. The preparations in wax, natural and dried bones constitute an important nucleus of material for educational purposes which completes, in the succession of scientific discoveries, the eighteenth-century collection of normal human anatomy present at the Museum of Palazzo Poggi, thus representing a continuum in the medical office, which excels in the city of Bologna between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.






After that interesting visit we went to see the Zoology Collection, which is also part of the network of museums and collections of the University of Bologna.


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We wanted to finish our tour from last week’s UNIVERSO in Gita on the 3rd floor. It was fascinating to oberserve a variety of animal species from the 19th – 20th century.


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We welcome everyone to join us! This is a great way to meet new people and the UNIVERSO team while visiting interesting places in Bologna. See you next Wednesday!


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Free language lessons at UNIVERSO


We at Universo offer English, Italian, and German classes. We have a lot of fun all together while we are teaching and learning a new language. We also have a Computer (IT Basic) class where we learn how to use the Internet, for example. Every class that we offer is for free!


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We have different courses on different levels (pre-basic, basic, intermediate and advanced) weekly. You can come to our Universo office to get information about the schedule and all our courses. You can join every class, you want to. You can also find the level that suits you.


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If you want to learn Italian, English and/or German, we are always ready to help you. The Universo team is at Porta Galliera to help you register and welcome you at Universo!

African Jewelry Workshop at Universo


On Wednesday, the 6th of November , we had another fun event at Universo. We met Allieu from Gambia, who showed us how to make African earrings. He brought colorful fabrics.

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We at Universo offered refreshments and some chips for the evening. We had a nice evening all together! He taught us to make earrings with the materials and we made beautiful jewelry for everyone to bring home or give as a Christmas present.




Next week on Wednesday, 13.11.19 , we offer a second workshop with Allieu! If you want you can join us at 5 pm at Universo Office!


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German Day in UNIVERSO


Last week we made a German event in Universo. This event was part of Foro dello Scambio. Our team friends prepared food and a presentation about Germany. They are Germans and they are working with us.

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We tasted some typical food from Germany. It was so delicious. We also learned a lot of things about the country. Thank you for the preparation…

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We are an international team … For example next week will be about England at Universo. Just come to Universo for the ıntercultural event, it’s every wednesday at 4:00 pm.

African Dance Night in UNİVERSO


Every week we have another funny event in the Universo Office. We had to African Dance Night. It was so funny. We had so much fun learning to dance together. They taught us how to dance. We really tired, we did something…

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We enjoyed spending time together.  Spending time together was the most important part of the night. We put stress together in the middle of the week.

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We will be better about African Dance… Because we will organize these events every week on Wednesday.  Every week we will prepare a different event. If you want to join us just follow our Facebook page. We will share there…




We are learning Italian Language. Because to better understand migrants. Our teacher from Germany. Also she is working with us. One of us… One of team Universo member…


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We have so much fun while learning. Learning italian all together is very fun and educational. It is better to learn by thinking that we have a purpose. We continue to learn…

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Universo in Gita

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We had another funny wednesday with Universo in gita. We went to Museo Luigi Bombicci. There was very beatiful. We saw different kind of rocks.

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It was great to spend time with the immigrants again. Explore with them, learn new things… And than we had coffee together and shared something. We know each other better.

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If you want to join us, you can follow our facebook page. We are going to somewhere everywednesday, by the way ıt’s free…


Lessons in UNIVERSO


We started  German Language lessons last week for everyone. If you want to learn Germany Language come to Universo!

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Also we have another language classes in Universo. Italian, English, Computer… We have class everyday but different department. Just want to learn. We are here for you!

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If you want to information about classes, you can follow our facebook page or you can come to Universo.

As the Universo team, we offer foreign language lessons for everyone!

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Universo in Gita


We have super cool department in Universo. Universo in Gita is preparing short trip every Wednesday for everybody.  Last week we went to FICO World Eataly. We had a good time there.

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We tasted good food all together.

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In this week we had other trip with Universo in gita. We went to Museo Civico Archeologio. It was so nice because we spent time together with migrants.

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If you want to join us, you can join the trips, events. IT’S FREE… Don’t Forget EVERY WEDNESDAY.

Week with 1*1 ROOTS

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We had a fun week in Universo. We’ve got new friends from 1*1 ROOTS. They are from Albania. Also they are so young, gave the young energy to us.

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We played the game of exploring Bologna city all together. We had so much fun together, have solved a riddle. At the end of the game we ate one of the most delicious pizzas.pizza award is the best part of the game.

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We were very happy to have activity with them. Thanks for the everything 1*1 ROOTS. Look forward to come together again and join fun activities and eat pizza…

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